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Launch event in Italy with big focus on fashion and style

Asus has been pretty clear about their focus on design, style and fashion regarding the ZenPad tablets. Italy is a market known for design and so it’s not surprising that the launch event would emphasize the customization and color options available. As we’ve seen in other markets, Asus has presented a “Zensation” event which has […]

Italy gets full line-up including 2 different Z580CA tablets. Pre order now!

If Italy is like the US in terms of the almighty Z580CA with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM, then it might be worth looking at pre ordering now while you have a chance. These show a release date of September 11. A few days ago Asus mentioned on their facebook page that the […]

Italy is getting ZenPad tablets – “coming soon” says Asus

According to the Asus Italy Facebook page, ZenPad tablets are “coming soon”. That isn’t to say you can’t find them in Italy, it’s just that they haven’t really been officially unveiled/launched and made available in a wide range of retailers just yet. Italy has been a strong market so expect to see a good selection […]