Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 vs. ZenPad

We will be updating this vs. comparison in the coming days and weeks. We may have ZenPad information, but at this point there are only a few leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Although those images are not official, they can be the basis of a preliminary comparison. We are just trying to get the ball rolling because when it comes to Android tablets, we feel that Asus vs. Samsung will become a lot more interesting.


We have 1 image each from the Tab S2 and the ZenPad 8 to go with. On that basis, the front facing speakers are the winner. We can say this regardless if we’ve heard the acutal quality or not. The Galaxy Tab S2 has the same style of dual speakers as seen in the iPhone 6+ at the bottom of the tablet. So ultimately it’s either front facing or it’s speakers on the side.


As we’ve already seen in the Samsung vs. Asus smartphone comparison, Asus is very price aware. In other words, expect the ZenPad to be a far more affordable tablet series than the new Galaxy Tab S2 series. Asus has stated on many occasions that they want Zen to mean great products at great prices.


When it comes to tablets, weight is a big factor in terms of comfort. It’s going to be exciting to see how the Tab S2 compares with the ZenPad 8 and ZenPad 10. Keep in mind that if you’re choosing a bumper case/cover it’s going to add weight. Choose accessories wisely!


If we just look at track record on smartphones, it’s pretty safe to say that Samsung Tab S2 will beat out the ZenPad tablets in terms of photo taking capabilities. We will wait to see, but it’s hard to imagine the ZenPad camera being better than what the Zenfone 2 can do.

Battery Life

This should be interesting. Based on history only, Samsung is likely to edge out the ZenPad 7,8 and 10. Perhaps that’s unfair to say at this point, but without having a chance to see and run various battery draining tests, it’s an educated guess at best.


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  1. Ari.Siel May 31, 2015 at 5:24 pm #

    The biggest win, I’m calling it now, is that Asus wins in a big way the vs. price comparison. The way to a consumers heart? Cheap prices!!!!

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