My perfect tablet/phone combo device. Please make this Asus!

This ultimate device has already been made by Asus, so let me get that out of the way first. I currently own a Nexus 5. What I do feel is that I want something much bigger.

I’m a realist. I look at my device usage. How much time, percentage wise, do I use my Nexus 5 to talk on the phone vs. other uses? Furthermore, those other uses, how many of those could benefit or be far more user friendly if the screen had more real estate? How about most all of them! So regarding talk time, it’s very minimal indeed. I didn’t time myself. I just know that the vast vast majority of time is NOT using the phone part of the smartphone.

With this type of thinking, here is my situation. I’m sacrificing my enjoyment of my mobile companion device simply because of fear? That fear of holding a monstrosity of a device up to my ear? I’m not the kind of person to worry too much about that in all honesty. If I use the internet more than anything, then the device I choose should be ideal for that purpose.

More than just the decision about phone vs. tablet vs. both in one, there is one other feature that I want. I want to have a Note taking ability via a quality digitizer stylus pen. There is going to be a stylus revolution of sorts (I think so based on what Apple is rumored to be working on) and if anything, having pen input or drawing ability just makes a device more useful. Kids can enjoy it more. It can be used more for an educational tool also. Ridding the need for scratch paper in my life would be welcomed.

One problem with my grand plan? The availability of that type of device in my area of the world is pretty much non existent. Asus has released the FonePad Note in the past. I instead what an updated ZenPad C Note, or ZenPad Note in the 7-inch or 8-inch size. I think honestly that for portability, I would go for the 7-inch size.

At this point, I look consumers need a look inward. What do they use their devices for, 90% or more of the time? I bet some people are 95% or 98% of their time using their smartphones for everything other than phone calls. I simply need a tablet that can double as a phone. I want to see how it works out. I just want to see a Note ZenPad and additionally I want to see it released in the area of the world where I live.

Am I asking for too much or can Asus deliver my dream device?

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