Tablet forecast is not good – Can Asus break through with ZenPads?

When sales of the iPad are slumping, that’s is indicative of the tablet market as a whole. In dealing with less demand in fact, it’s part and parcel as to why Asus is launching the ZenPad line-up in the first place. It’s another reason why there won’t be quite as many models and there will be select countries rather than a massive amount of launch countries.

From recent reports, Apple has dropped 30% on year. Android tablets have seen about a 10% on year drop. There is however quite a bit of optimism for the 2-in-1 tablet/laptop devices. In that segment of the market, the new ZenPad S Transformer should do very well.

It’s hard to suggest a particular feature that can push the ZenPad tablets into a top 2 or 3 position globally. Price is a bit factor, but Asus has been able to maintain some of the best prices in Android tablets. A more premium look will help. Better build quality. The other features like 3G or 4G LTE, if priced low, can really be a game changer for Asus, especially in the North American market. Digitizer stylus input on various ZenPad models can also help bring a unique selling point to consumers.

We expect the ZenPad S to be the real run away winner for Asus. We’re not sure if it’s going to rock the world like the Transformer Infinity TF700 did, but it very well could. A refresh is in order and with the amount of tech news sites covering Computex, there should be a real shot of momentum.

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