Inside The Features: Power Saver

So far we have launched a series of articles under the “Inside The Specs”. We thought it would be apt to now come up with another series of articles for those who have bought a ZenPad. We are naming this series, “Inside The Features”. This is where we will look at various features of the ZenPads, including tricks and tips for getting the most out of the tablet. ZenUI is going to be new to a lot of new ZenPad owners, so we hope this will be useful to you.

A top priority for anyone is to maximize your ZenPad battery life. There are a few general tips that we can offer before we get into the feature specific settings that can maximize your battery life even further.

  • set audio to Smart Mode
  • keep the speaker volume set at a low level
  • decrease the brightness of the display
  • disable wifi
  • disable all auto-sync features
  • disable Bluetooth
  • disable PlayTo
  • disable GPS
  • enable airplane mode
  • close all running apps that are not in use
  • disable the screen auto-rotate feature

Those are a few tips, but a time saver is to go right into the ZenUI power saver settings. Details in next section!

Power Saver

First you need to launch Power Saver. This can be done in one of two ways. Either swipe down with two fingers from the top to display the Quick Settings panel (then tap Smart Saving) or you can tap ASUS then Power Saver.

Slide the “Smart saving” button to the ON position.

Then choose one of three modes, all of which have a varying degree of power saving:

  • ultra-saving mode – this will disconnect your network connection when the ZenPad is idle. Think of this as a maximum battery saving solution.
  • optimized mode – this will extend your battery while your ZenPad is connected to your network
  • customized mode – this is a great option. You can adjust power settings for a variety of activities. What this really means is that you can adjust the brightness that will be used for certain activities like reading email/ebooks, using the internet, watching videos, listening to music, etc. There is more, such as app specific power saving settings and the ability to auto disconnect from your network when your ZenPad is in sleep mode.

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  1. Mirek January 17, 2017 at 9:21 am #

    Power Saver Wi-Fi Issue
    When Power Saver is enabled at Power Save mode, then after waking up, only the 2.4 GHz SSID is re-connected, INSTEAD of the last active 5 GHz SSID. Furthermore, the 5 GHz SSID is no longer automatically visible on the available Wi-Fi SSID list although it’s still on my SAVED networks list. So every time I wake up my P01MA, I have to manually switch Wi-Fi off and on. This makes my 5 GHz SSID again visible on the available networks list and I have to manually connect the device to it. As deem it a Power Saver bug. This occurs every time under abovementioned settings.

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