Does Asus need a ZenPad S 8.0 Max? Is battery life a deal breaker?

Battery life on mobile devices is interesting. When traveling on a ferry I use often, I always see people scrambling to find a plug-in outlet to charge their devices. Usually the outlet is up near the ceiling and it’s quite comical to see people standing with their smartphones plugged in high above their head. At times I’ve been unlucky enough to sit by an electrical outlet and been almost shamed with people asking if they can charge their phone beside my seat. Like why am I sitting near the outlet if I’m not using it! How dare I do that! If you’re me, you saying to yourself there is a better way. And no, I’m not talking about bringing along an extension cord on your travels!

Devices are power hungry and will costs and size being factors, most devices are a bit lean when it comes to big batteries. Asus in a sense already created a fix in the “Battery Case”, but it’s only compatible with the ZenPad 7.0 and ZenPad 8.0 models.

So what is a ZenPad S 8.0 Max? Well, we must tell you that Asus recently announced a Zenfone Max smartphone. As you might expect, it carries a larger battery than their flagship version of the smartphone. Max indicating “maximum” battery life.

There is quite a big difference in the iPad mini battery specs and the ZenPad S 8.0 battery specs. Apple have pretty much dominated the battery life area of mobile devices since the outset. The reviews are about to come in, and it’s quite likely that battery life will be front and center. The Z580CA appears to have it all, but does it have decent battery life?

I would like to poll you, our visitor, on battery life and how important it is to you. My own personal view is that there are solutions out there. Have you seen those external and compact battery packs? You can find all sizes, colors and shapes. You can find battery packs that can charge 2 devices at one time. These are not an expensive option either. For myself, if I’m going without plugging into a wall for charging for any duration, I’m bringing an external battery pack. It’s really a non issue for when I travel. Note that on airlines you need to check what the rules and regulations are regarding portable battery packs.

So really I’m asking two questions here. First, would you consider a heavier or thicker ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580CA) if it had a larger capacity battery (like a ZenPad S Max model)? Second, how important is battery life to you for a tablet? Do you just use a portable battery pack when you have a long day of usage ahead of you? Please, let’s discuss!



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