Asus joins Intel in stylus standard alliance (USI)

Come December, Intel will be making it official with details regarding the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI). Intel hopes to create an industry standard that will create uniformity across devices and platforms with stylus input. This means that starting in December, members will be allowed to show a USI certification label on their products. If anything, it will benefit the consumers out there.

Whether you look to Microsoft and their Surface tablet with stylus input or whether you look at the new iPad Pro with stylus input, there is something to be said for the added functionality that a good quality stylus can provide. Samsung and their Galaxy Note is another example of a stylus being a big selling point for a device.

Asus from the start of the tablet explosion could be considered ahead of their time. The Eee Note was released before many tablets and featured a stylus. Then came the popular Eee Slate Window 7 tablet with stylus input. This was at a time when stylus pen input was not common place. Then in more recent times the Vivo Tab and Vivo Tab Note.

It would appear that moving into late 2015 and 2016 that stylus pens will be commonplace. Do you see stylus input as a “must have” feature, provided the technology/performance is excellent?

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