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Updated Asus Z Stylus compatibility – Will it work with my ZenPad?

This updated list of compatible ZenPad tablets may be a disappointment to some of you. The reality is, with the launch of new ZenPad 10 models, there is a fair amount of confusion out there regarding whether the Z Stylus is compatible with some, all, or none of the updated ZenPad 10 tablets. The Asus […]

Z Stylus Review – Asus ZenPad Stylus Review

Asus Z Stylus Review Asus are no strangers when it comes to stylus pen input on their tablets and devices. In fact, their original Eee Note featuring a digitizer stylus was one of the first on the market around that time in 2010. Asus tablet products like the Eee Slate in 2011 was one of the first […]

Get a Z Stylus for $29.99 in the US and it’s in stock right now!

Updated May 28th: IN STOCK. Well we do look daily to find you deals or in-stock ZenPad accessories. The Z Stylus is a great addition to a Z580CA or ZenPad 10 but it has been in short supply. We are very glad to tell you that right now you can get a Z Stylus from […]

Asus software update vastly improves Z Stylus experience and usability

We are desperately trying to finish off our Z Stylus review. It’s very near done, but Asus has put out a software update to the ZenPad 10 and ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580CA) that enhanced and improved the Z Stylus usability. We will go into far more detail in the review, but what we can say […]

You can now order Z Stylus in US for $29.99

Good news for those of you in the US who have been waiting in out for the Z Stylus pen to show up. It does appear that the wait is nearing an end. At this point you can order it for $29.99 US. Be aware that the shipping date is not confirmed just yet. Based […]

Cheapest price so far for Asus Z Stylus Pen (Z580CA or Z300 Series)

Update: Oct 27, appears to be sold out for now, but you can check the other Z Stylus listing here. We’ve posted previously about an Ebay seller from Taiwan who is selling the Z Stylus. In fact we bought ours from that seller. Turns out they have upped their price, but we have found an […]