Final Poll Results – Your preferred tablet size is 8-inches

Thank you to everyone visiting our website and participating in our first ever poll. We’ve been running this poll from about the time we launched our site in early 2015. This has been very interesting to watch over the months to see what size people want for a tablet.

During a majority of time running this poll, we’ve seen the 8-inch leading by almost a 3-to-1 margin of second choice, which was the 10-inch size. It would appear that in the recent past, the 10-inch has closed the gap, although 1/2 of the votes were in support of a 8-inch tablet.

It’s quite remarkable to think that the 7-inch size has dropped off in terms of what people want. Nexus 7 anyone? That was the craze for years. It’s quite possible that there is something to be said about smartphones replacing that 7-inch form factor. The 7-inch size only garnered 12% of votes!

You might be able to make an argument that our site visitors are biased. As in, someone visiting the site looking for ZenPad S 8.0 information have already decided they want a 8-inch tablet. This is true. However, given the wide margin, it’s very safe to say that 8-inch tablets are what people most want. The percentage differences could be closer to the second place 10-inch size, but the result or winner really cannot be disputed.

Here is a look at the original poll, along with the results. Over 1,000 votes! Thank you to everyone for participating and please participate in our new poll!



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