You can now order Z Stylus in US for $29.99

Good news for those of you in the US who have been waiting in out for the Z Stylus pen to show up. It does appear that the wait is nearing an end.

At this point you can order it for $29.99 US. Be aware that the shipping date is not confirmed just yet. Based on what we’ve seen, this should mean only a matter of days. Amazon typically don’t use “Add To Cart” buttons unless they have determined that the shipping date is imminent.

Based on how long the North America market has waited up until this point, we believe that it’s only a few days away from shipping.

If you don’t like the idea of placing an order, you can check the Asus US online store from time to time because they have had stock sporadically. Other retailers has shown pre order only.

We decided weeks ago to order a Z Stylus from a Taiwan eBay seller and have been using it extensively over the past couple of weeks. A full review is upcoming!

Shop Here: Order Now – Z Stylus for Z580CA or Z300C – $29.99 from


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