Software update (V4.4.1.0) rolls out for ZenPad 10

We are just in the finishing touches of our ZenPad 10 review and Asus has rolled out a new update. I guess we will have to spend a bit more time to see what this new update is all about and if it requires us to edit the review.

The software update is WW_V4.4.1.0-20151027 which is new enough that Asus hasn’t updated the particulars yet on their website.

It’s worth mentioning that software updates may not happen immediately to your ZenPad tablet. Call it a delayed reaction if you like. Keep your ZenPad connected to wifi and these updates will come. There are usually some goodies involved to the updates are exciting for nerds like us.

We will post some notes as soon as possible regarding this latest ZenPad 10 software update.

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