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New promo video title: Experience the new ZenPad 10

Hang on. “New” ZenPad 10? Although the video itself doesn’t mention specs, we can assume this title would be referring to the Z300M refresh that has the new Android OS and different processor. We haven’t seen a model that is exactly new, but it is interesting and hopeful in seeing more ZenPad promotional videos come […]

Two new ZenPad 10 models on (Z300CNL and Z300M)

Asus is always full of surprises and we love it! New ZenPad 10 models have shown up on Now let’s not get carried away because these are only partial updates. These are essentially the same tablets as the original ZenPad 10 models. We will list the differences below. We can admit also that the […]

New ZenPad 10 (Z300M) Passes Through FCC

Asus appears to be making a lot of moves behind the scenes during this lead up to Computex 2016 in late May early June. We’ve spotted a model going by the code P00C. We’ve been able to fetch a few more details for you. First, this appears to be a MediaTek powered ZenPad 10 tablet. […]

New video from Asus showcases the ZenPad 10 Audio Dock

One of the more frequent questions we get is about the ZenPad 10 Audio Dock availability. We still see that globally, the product is in short supply. We check throughout the day and if there is a bump in supply, we will be first to let you know Asus is doing some marketing of the […]

Finally a US based retailer selling ZenPad 10 Audio Dock Keyboard – Full Details

The most common question we get from visitors right now? Where can I buy the ZenPad 10 keyboard dock. That’s been asked many times and we’ve had no positive news until now. For really the first time,  a US based retailer has in-stock and shipping now, the Z300C Audio Dock keyboard, in the black color […]

ZenPad 10 keyboard available on eBay – Free Global Shipping

There is one eBay seller who is selling the ZenPad 10 keyboard dock in either Black or Metallic colors. We have been getting a lot of emails from visitors asking about the Audio Dock keyboard so it’s best we tell you about this option. There are a couple of important notes to consider. We should […]