Save $18 and buy a ZenPad 10 (Z300C) for just $159 US [updated]

We’ve seen sale prices on the ZenPad 10 only one other time. Right now of eBay you can buy a ZenPad 10, either in black or metallic color for just $159. That is a savings of $18 and you get free shipping if you live in the US. The eBay seller also ships internationally, but charges apply. The same seller is also selling the ZenPad 10 TriCover case for $19.99.

Update: Nov 30, price is now just $149 on sale!!

Shopping Link: Save $30 – ZenPad 10 – $149 from

There are a few different variants of the ZenPad 10 in different countries. This particular model is packing 2GB of RAM so Asus went with lesser spec cameras instead. It’s a trade off but I think most people would take more RAM over better tablet cameras. A couple big selling points for the ZenPad 10 aside from the cheap price is the fact you can use the Audio Dock which is a keyboard attachment (ala Transformer Pad) and it is also compatible with the Z Stylus pen.

We are currently using a ZenPad 10 and should have a review up in a few days or late this week.


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