ZenPad 10 keyboard available on eBay – Free Global Shipping

There is one eBay seller who is selling the ZenPad 10 keyboard dock in either Black or Metallic colors. We have been getting a lot of emails from visitors asking about the Audio Dock keyboard so it’s best we tell you about this option. There are a couple of important notes to consider. We should also mention that we used this eBay seller and bought our Z Stylus from them. They are a reliable seller based on our experience.

Note 1: The keyboard they are selling is from Taiwan. We contacted them to ask about the detail and if the keyboard is English or not. They said, English keyboard with Taiwan character”. We believe that the two photos below are accurate for the dock they are selling.

Note 2: The selling price is more expensive (obviously) than suggested retail price. Really this comes down to whether you are tired of waiting and want a keyboard sooner rather than later.

Note 3: If you are going to wait it out for a retail release, we have no details or dates when this will happen.

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