New promo video title: Experience the new ZenPad 10

Hang on. “New” ZenPad 10? Although the video itself doesn’t mention specs, we can assume this title would be referring to the Z300M refresh that has the new Android OS and different processor. We haven’t seen a model that is exactly new, but it is interesting and hopeful in seeing more ZenPad promotional videos come out.

One thing missing from the pomo video though is the Z Stylus compatibility. Certainly a great selling point and adds another layer of usability to the tablet. The Z Stylus we found to be the most enjoyable on the 10-inch screen which also had a bit more bezel for ease of handling. We’re not sure, but is that a different color scheme? We will have to check. That doesn’t look like the metallic that we saw before. Additionally, we noticed Asus calling the “Audio Dock” the “Mobile Dock”. We discussed the possibility of a new mobile dock, but it’s entirely possible that it’s essentially the same original dock with perhaps an extra port of something added which we have yet to learn about. What they showed in the video though is what we saw previously under the Audio Dock name.

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