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USB Type C on ZenPad S 8.0 (Z580CA) is USB 3.0 not USB 3.1 Gen 2 – What it means.

We’ve made mention of the USB Type C port on the hero ZenPad, the Z580CA. We need to revise our thoughts of “value added” in terms of this USB Type C port. Saying we are annoyed may be an understatement. At times technology companies and organizations are clueless. In this case, we say USB has […]

Accessories: ZenPad Power Case – Photo Gallery, Specs, Details

Cases with built in batteries isn’t something completely new. For smartphones, these have existed on the market. A battery case for a tablet? Not so much. The best feature of the Asus Power Case is with the fact it’s specific to the tablet and doesn’t look out of place. It’s a simple backplate swap and […]

What is VisualMaster Asus Tru2Life Technology and TV HDR – Should you care?

During the Computex presentation, Jonney Shih went through some details about Tru2Life technology that’s built into most of the ZenPad tablets. It’s what Asus describes as their VisualMaster technology. There are two technologies, one is simply Tru2Life (images) and the other is Tru2Life+ (video). The ZenPad S series is the only tablets featuring the Tru2Life+ […]

How do you feel about the move to a 4:3 aspect ratio?

The Nexus 9 broke the traditional mold for Android tablets and introduced an aspect ratio of 4:3. The Apple iPad has never done anything other than 4:3, so it’s not entirely surprising that the trend is for Android to do the same. If you talk to most tech folks, the responses are very similar. When […]