Indications show ZenPad release in India is near

We’ve seen some interesting import listing regarding ZenPad tablets and India. In fact, you can go back months and see some very early findings. However, when it comes to getting the ZenPad tablets into the India marketplace, things have been held up. Just a hunch on our part, but perhaps you can blame the delays on the success of the Zenfone 2.

That said, we see a new listing and it’s not a prototype this time. That’s a positive. The other positive is that it’s recognizable. It’s showing as the ZenPad Z170. That could mean the wifi model (Z170C) and or the 3G model (Z170CG). These are the budget model ZenPads. We’ve had a number of inquiries about the ZenPad S 8.0 in India, but we still haven’t seen any indicators about an imminent release yet.

So for now, look at this news as being one step closer! We are somewhat confused about the 50 units showing, as you would expect the number to be in the hundreds if you look at other Asus devices making to India like laptops. So perhaps this isn’t the biggest news nugget for India, but it’s something for sure. This is the second ZenPad in a week we’ve seen and that’s encouraging. Stay tuned!



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