Many ZenPad S 8.0 Z580CA reviews fail to mention Z Stylus support

zenpad-stylus-pen-accessoryQuite a number of websites are now starting to roll out their ZenPad S reviews. Let’s hope that stock levels return so that people reading reviews who are looking to buy a Z580CA can do so in the US and elsewhere around the globe. But the point here is about the Z Stylus as part of the reviews.

There seems to be a bit of confusion about the Z Stylus, and it’s not entirely surprising. The Z Stylus pen works only on the Z580CA and Z300 Series of tablets. Given the functionality of a stylus, one would think that a tablet with Z Stylus support is a selling point, or “value added” feature to the tablet. Afterall, consider the Samsung Galaxy Note and the role the S Pen plays in making it a popular phone. A big part of that phone is the stylus.

So it is quite surprising, or quite eye opening that some of the biggest tech sites in their reviews simply fail to mention that the Z580CA supports the Z Stylus. What seems apparent is that Asus has sent out review units without the Z Stylus. However, does that mean a review should fail to mention the Z Stylus entirely? If I’m Asus, I wouldn’t be happy about this. As a reader who is learning about a product from a reputable website, shouldn’t you know all the features of the device? To me it’s more an example of lack of knowledge or care in the product review. Not enough time to research? Too many other products to review? Who knows.

With so few Z Stylus pens available on the market, it makes the feature a bit more difficult to learn about. I don’t believe there is an English website that has reviewed or explained/demonstrated the Z Stylus on the Z580CA or Z300 Series.

Will the websites who omitted the Z Stylus mention on their reviews go back and add those details once they get their hands on the product? It’s doubtful. It would appear that most of the bigger tech sites churn out reviews and blast through reviews like there is no tomorrow. At times it makes you wonder who you should or shouldn’t trust. A review from a tech site or the customer reviews from people who’ve bought and used the device. I’m leaning towards listening to customers based on the weak reviews I’ve read so far from bigger websites on the Z580CA.

Perhaps we shouldn’t overstate the lack of Z Stylus mentions, but when you take the low price and add in the Z Stylus support, it does become and even more compelling device to purchase. If a stylus is important to the Galaxy Note, certainly it has some importance also to the ZenPad S (Z580CA).

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