Two new ZenPad 10 models on (Z300CNL and Z300M)

Asus is always full of surprises and we love it! New ZenPad 10 models have shown up on Now let’s not get carried away because these are only partial updates. These are essentially the same tablets as the original ZenPad 10 models. We will list the differences below. We can admit also that the timing is a bit interesting because the big Computex 2016 presentation is coming from Asus on May 30th. Certainly these two ZenPad 10 models are not complete updates, but we’re curious to know what this means for any new ZenPad 10 models being unveiled at Computex 2016. There may be none based on these last minute additions to the line-up.

Z300CNL vs. Z300C (original ZenPad 10)

Two things to look at here. The Z300CNL comes with Android 6.0 whereas the original ZenPad 10 models come with Android 5.0. Processors are the other difference and the Z300CNL comes with an Intel Atom Z3560 whereas the original Z300C comes with an Intel Atom x3-C3200.

Z300M vs. Z300C (original ZenPad 10)

We don’t see official specs for the Z300M just yet, but we are confident to say it comes with the new Android 6.0 and a MediaTek processor.

[source: Asus Z300CNLAsus Z300M]

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