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Photo Gallery – Zen Clutch Case for ZenPad 10 (Z300 Series)

Think of the Zen Clutch Case as the sophisticated or premium looking case from Asus. These are available for all models of ZenPad tablets, and here we’re taking a look at the ZenPad 10 Clutch Case. We mentioned in the past that case selection is important, but most importantly when it comes to weight. We […]

New details of ZenPad 10 keyboard Audio Dock accessory

If you’re looking for the ZenPad version of the Transformer Pad, then you are looking at the ZenPad 10 Z300 Series. We are finding some new details, but price and release date are not part of the news unfortunately. We will update with those prices as they come available. Really what’s interesting is that Asus […]

India appears poised to get 4G LTE ZenPad 10 (Z300CL)

Clearly India is a big market for Asus if you look at the Zenfone smartphone, release events and recent comments from Asus executives. Although Asus recently announced the ZenPad 7.0 and ZenPad 8.0 at the ZenFestival in India, we’ve seen plenty of questions about the ZenPad S 8.0. No details yet that we’ve seen. We […]

Asus releases ZenPad 10 promo video

The promo videos are one of those marketing tools that indicates some hope for sooner, rather than later, release dates. In the case of ZenPads, I know a lot of us are waiting, and then waiting. We admit over the past couple of weeks the marketing has been a trickle at best. Is this new […]

First ZenPad 10 (Z300CL) Review

These are lucky guys! We believe this to be the first review of the ZenPad 10, but more than that, these guys are reviewing the 4G LTE model, Z300CL. This particular model has greater specs than that Z300C and Z300CG (3G) so keep that in mind. We’re talking better processor and cameras. Also we need […]

New ZenPad 10 (Z300CL) with Intel Z3580 Moorefield CPU spotted

Just a few days ago we mentioned how Asus is known to produce a number of “variants” of a given device. Whether that’s a slight change in RAM, storage or CPU, there is usually some interesting variants in different countries. We’ve just spotted an interesting ZenPad 10 model heading into India. The ZenPad 10 (Z300CL) […]